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896 North Mill Street,  Lewisville,  TX

What is Dulce Luna Massage & Wellness

Dulce Luna Massage And Wellness is an establishment founded to promote the health and well-being of each person in an ancient natural integrated approach to enhance complete wellness for our customers.

We offer a new ancestral and holistic perspective to understand the relationship between the body’s pain and the inner self as a natural treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

896 N. Mill St, Suite 204
Lewisville, TX 75057

YES. We require an appointment before arriving at Dulce Luna Massage And Wellness. We emphasize this because each person is essential to get the time needed, which is crucial in the treatment process.


We propose six types of massage and bodywork: Medical Massage, Rejuvenating Massage, Relaxing Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Prenatal Massage, and Ancestral Reflexology. Remember is NOT a massage; it is an EXPERIENCE.

We have Crystal Sessions, Pair-BioMagnetic, Ionization, Body Wraps, and the most popular Spiritual Intuition Guidance.

No. You do not need to be a member to receive service.

All the therapies can differ to each personal requirement and purpose. We can explain each one and suggest what is the most proper; in the end, you have the last word.

Expect the best and the unexpected.

Most people attending our establishment have pain in different body parts. Some come with injuries on the joints, back, neck, and shoulders from a car or work accidents or falls. Other people come with health issues or mention having discomfort that the doctors cannot find relief or treatment for, and they are looking for stress release.

Another comes for anxiety, depression, or other emotional issues from which massage can liberate them. And only a few come out of curiosity.

Dulce Luna Massage And Wellness is an establishment that intends to help people in recovering the natural flow of well-being holistically and traditionally. We can be the key if you are willing to try an alternative self-healing method.


Understand that the sessions are to assist the body in healing by itself. We do NOT massage genitals, glutes, a woman’s chest, and the client’s area request.

If you demand or ask for sex or the “Happy Ending,” the session will immediately end and you will pay for the entire session.

Dress comfortably. Prepare to be 5 minutes early or on time. Take a hot shower or, for better results, a hot bath before the massage to tender the muscles. (Do not apply for BBL). It is so essential to hydrate the body with plenty of water. Come with an empty stomach or eat lightly to avoid bad digestion and bloating after massage. The most important is to be open to receive and carry an open heart and a clear mind to see the charm.

Yes. That is why recollecting each person’s medical history before any session is imperative. In addition, depending on the person’s condition, sometimes it is necessary to supply written consent from your doctor to receive therapy. We require information about health issues and medications to obtain adequate aid.

The benefits are uncountable.

More than relieving pain, it increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and, most importantly, reduces stress.

The place has an inviting environment full of peace and calm that encourages you to forget time and worries to enhance the connection of the mind, body, and soul.

Get rid of pain and discomfort naturally by applying traditional forms of self-healing. Discover the reconnection with your vital force and how discomfort in the body creates.

In the beginning, we will explain all the procedures. Then, we will request medical history and discuss it. Finally, we will escort the person to a warm, comfortable, quiet room and instruct the client to lie on the table especially designed for complete comfort. Depending on the client’s needs, the treatment can be with the clothing on or unclothed.

It is essential to mention that all the unclothed treatments must appropriately drape during the entire session. Only the areas to work can expose. You will have the time and privacy to undress and lie at the table under clean white sheets and blankets.

First, know that we do not apply any treatment without permission and complete acceptance of each procedure. We emphasize that if you do not feel comfortable or safe or think this method is not for you, you are free to go without charge in the first 15 minutes or less to start your therapy.

The therapy experience depends on the body’s conditions and the person’s pain tolerance. Therefore, the First step is to explore the client’s need, do stretches to evaluate the range of motion, and explain and apply the procedure to the client.

The first strokes of each discomfort area start unpleasant initially, but you will feel at once relieved. The range of motion will increase as we release the body’s tension, and your body will be free of stress. The treatment is more effective if the body is not resisting.

When the session ends, you will be thirsty, sleepy, and with the sensation of lighter and floating. Well, it is the sensation that our customers have described it.

At this time, you should know all about the treatment. Anyway, you are free to ask any question you must have during the session. The most important is to feel comfortable and sure that this therapy is for you. Therefore, communication is essential during the whole session. Your participation will require, do not expect to sleep.

Immediately after the treatment, you will be thirsty, sleepy, and with the sensation of lighter and floating. Well, it is the sensation that our customers have described it. But, of course, the next day will vary depending on the condition of each customer. You can call us and clarify your doubts.

Yes, we do with an extra charge, only for the Golden Clients Member List.

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